Association History

The association was created to perpetuate the McTimoney-Corley technique originally taught at the Oxford College of Chiropractic by Hugh Corley, Shelagh James-Hudson, Nazir Kasar and Bobbie Nicholson. Its aims were to unite our group and protect both the public and our practitioners.
The reasons for the creation of this association were:

  1. To support our General Chiropractic Council (GCC) registered graduates.
  2. To support those of our graduates who had not applied to join the newly formed GCC register of chiropractors (for whatever reason) so could no longer call themselves chiropractors and who were thus ineligible to join any of the other chiropractic associations.
  3. To support those members who trained in Animal Chiropractic but who are now not allowed to call themselves Animal Chiropractors. Animal Chiropractic is not legally recognised by the GCC and all such practitioners are now referred to as ‘Animal Manipulators’ and cannot register with the GCC.
  4. To obtain a block insurance scheme for all our members.

The chief aims of this association are:

  1. To maintain high professional standards of treatment, thus protecting the public and our members.
  2. To promote the McTimoney-Corley Lever Pivot Adjustment technique (LPA) previously known as the Reflex Recoil Adjustment (RRA) technique.
  3. To further enhance our members’ professional expertise through Continuing Professional Development (CPD) courses.