Practitioner Jean Luc Lafitte

"Be prepared to trust Jean Luc - he has the rare ability to read your body completely. You might think he is treating the wrong bit - but after years of professional aerobatics and serious spine-scrunching under load - he never fails to find the right spot and straighten things up!"

JT - Skyhawk Aerobatics

Practitioner Karen Withers recently received this testimonial from a satisfied customer,

" I have been having treatment with Karen for four years and personally I think it is the best I have received. It is gentle and effective and I would recommend it to anyone.I have severe talipes in both feet and if it wasn't for this treatment, I would not be able to work and enjoy life as I do"

T.L. Cunningham, Churchdown

Practitioner Claire Watts regarding a McTimoney-Corley treatment for Matt Bryan's 23 year-old sport horse stallion, Sandro, who had become stiff and unwilling to go forwards.

" He was still covering mares, but was not happy being ridden," explains Matt. "I was considering retiring him, but Claire thought the treatment might help. She used a combination of manipulation and massage, and the difference was immediate. I rode Sandro afterwards and it was as if I'd taken the handbrake off."

Matt Bryan, horse and rider trainer. Article published in Horse Magazine February 2011

"I went to experience this treatment first hand to fully understand how I could help with the referral of clients from the various clinics around Oxfordshire. I can honestly say the treatment was fantastic, it was a very comfortable relaxing session with infomation being given to me throughout by the therapist about what she was doing and why. The treatment was thorough but at no point did I experience any discomfort. I would happily approve this treatment to my personal clients, family or friends "

Tom Wattleworth - Director TW-Fitness

"Our stables keep up to ten horses and ponies of varying conformation; many on the wrong side of twenty, and our riders are also very varied in terms of age, size, balance, and ability. Over the years we have found it very valuable to have our horses and ponies given regular spinal therapy checks for any signs of stiffness or soreness that could alert us to any problems arising and to correct them before they develop".

Libby Hartwell, Chair, New Yatt RDA, Oxfordshire

"My horse presented with a recurring problem with his near side shoulder. He was falling in through the shoulder on the left rein and found difficulty bending on his right rein. I had recently changed his saddle and wondered if it was blocking his shoulder or whether it was something more as he was being extremely evasive. After treatment with Georgina Crumlish, and some follow up advice and recommendations, my horse is much more relaxed and his gaits are more regular and free. He now has a desire to move forwards which refers to the lack of constriction from the shoulder following treatment."

Lauren Basson, BHS Approved Yard Proprietor

The following testimonials are about Tracy Wyatt who treats both animals and humans:

For the first time in 16 years, I am now standing upright, not bent, can sleep comfortably and move about without wincing. Thank you heaps Tracy, your healing hands have worked wonders!"

Jane, Halstead

Tracy, your'e a fantastic lady... You made me feel so comfortable. Wish you all the best and hope to use your services again soon."


The treatment was really helpful and my neck is no longer stiff. I will be having a further treatment and would recommend Tracy to others!"

The following testimonials are from patients of Val Duvall, a McTimoney-Corley Spinal Therapist working in Oxfordshire:

"Over many years my dysfunctional back has needed to be kept in line! Through her knowledge and skilled hands, Val Duvall has nurtured my back through regular "MOT" sessions and occassional emergency visits helping me to live with my back and learn its limitations (sometimes!)"

Catherine, 62

A study discussed at the 2010 American Association of Equine Practioners (AAEP) Convention, which measured the effects of spinal manipulation and spinal mobilisation, found spinal manipulation has been shown to increase flexibility, improve performance, and decrease pain and muscle spasms in horses. Although both techniques increase spinal mobility, spinal manipulation achieved immediate therapeutic effects which lasted between treatment sessions.