Our members treat people and/or animals using the McTimoney-Corley technique. Each of the members has a registration number with The Association of McTimoney-Corley Skeletal Therapists (AMCST).

The AMCST supports its members enabling them to continue to promote health and wellbeing for their clients. Regular continuing professional development courses (CPD) are held and the benefits of a block insurance scheme are provided for members only. Most of our members obtain their insurance through the Balens AMCST block insurance scheme which runs concurrently with the membership year – July 1st to June 30th.

Code of Practice and Ethics  All members of The Association of McTimoney-Corley Skeletal Therapists are issued with Code of Practice booklets and it is a condition of membership that the contents are adhered to.

CPD Hours  Completing CPD is a mandatory requirement of membership. The current amount is 25 hours per year.

Insurance  It is mandatory to have insurance cover in order to be a member of The Association of McTimoney-Corley Skeletal Therapists:

Balens Affinity Scheme Dept
Bridge House
Portland Road
WR14 2TA
01684 580771 Direct Dial

Membership of this Association is limited to graduates of:

  • Witney School of Chiropractic, LC and/or DC (WSC) – 1984-1991
  • Oxford College of Chiropractic, DC (OCC) – 1991-2001
  • Oxford College of Chiropractic Animal Course, DC (OCC) – 1991-2001
  • Oxford Brooks University, BSc (OBU) – 2000-2001
  • Oxford College of Equine Physical Therapy, Dip. MCAM (OCEPT) – 2002-2017
  • Witney College of Spinal Therapy, Dip. MCST (WCST) – 2003-2017
  • Witney College of Skeletal Therapy, Dip. MCST (WCST) – 2017 onwards
  • The Oxfordshire School of Chiropractic, LC and/or DC (OSC) – 1972-1980
  • The McTimoney School of Chiropractic, DC (MSC) – 1980-1982
  • The McTimoney College of Chiropractic, DC (MCC) – 1982 onwards
  • ICAT McTimoney-Corley Equine Manipulation Practitioner Course, Dip. MCEM (ICAT) – 2012-2014

Full membership entitles practitioners to: –

  • apply and pay for the AMCST block insurance scheme with Balens
  • a full entry on the AMCST website
  • subsidised attendance of CPD courses run by the AMCST
  • subsidised attendance of our annual Conference and AGM
  • the services of both the AMCST Co-ordinator and Administrator